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Networking: How to find new perspectives in every acquaintance

Maybe the first popular work on networking was the book by Dale Carnegie. In his piece "How to Win Friends ..." he explained how to represent yourself in a right way to new people, make useful contacts, and to leave a good impression about yourself.

Since then, business, technology, and communication rules have evolved very actively. There is now such thing as netiquette - the etiquette of communication on the Internet, and the establishment of contacts became vital for both professional tasks and simple social activities.

The idea of ​​mutually beneficial acquaintances is not new itself but thanks to the evolution of social networks and as the working area go online, it got new rules and has become more relevant than ever.

Networking. What is it and where to look for it

Networking as searching for new valuable contacts can be classified into two types:

Where and how to find new acquaintances? That's easy:

How to be effective in networking

Mistakes that can ruin your networking

Since you are already familiar with the person but didn't work together yet, communication shouldn't be too stiff. Anyway, don't forget about the primary purpose of the story. It is better to confirm the phone call with a letter to repeat the agreements, and also to leave every possible contact to reach you.

And the greatest dealbreaker that can ruin your future cooperation is to forget or to mistake information about the person. This not can only cost you the plans but also you will prove yourself in a professional society as an inattentive and rude person.

Of course, it's hard to keep the terabytes of data in your head, especially when it comes via so many channels. Some use Google services to organize their contacts, the others find another ways. The only disadvantage of these services is that not everyone uses the same platforms to synchronize contacts. Now you can use a handy service that will help you to make great results out of your networking.

Fly Card is a modern day heavy card holder with one difference: it is in your phone and it only takes a few seconds to find the right contact. In short, this service helps you create a virtual business card with any data you want to share with new friends and partners: phone numbers, links to social networks, e-mails and much more. You can send this card easily, and all the data will immediately be on your interlocutor's phone. The "Radar" feature will be very useful for professional events. With this option, you can collect virtual business cards from people nearby. With Fly Card networking will become easy and effective, and you will always be on top of the game establishing new relationships in professional and social spheres.

Well, we figured out that networking is essential and useful for everyone. The best way to find a new job or business partner, a good specialist for personal purposes, or even a restaurant with the most delicious pasta in the city is always a trusted acquaintance. All these benefits are closer than you think. Just be open to communication and know your goals in meeting new people.

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