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Fly Card - network of digital contacts

Numbers, addresses, web pages of people and organizations are always at hand.

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Download the app

Digital business card

Share your business card in 3 clicks

All contacts are
in one place

Collect people and organizations business cards

Simple and easy search in the business card book

Digital business cards won't get lost

Contacts will never be outdated

Radar shows contact cards nearby

Simply exchange contacts in a group

Create your business card in just 3 minutes

Choose the most suitable type of business card, upload your photo, logo, information about yourself or business.
Attach an unlimited number of contacts: phone numbers, mails, addresses, websites, messengers, social networks etc.
To update your information or contacts, just create a new version of your business card. Then all its holders will get an update.

Share your business card in just 3 clicks

For using a digital business card is not necessary to have the installed application.
Share and save contacts through the air, during a personal meeting or at a distance.
Forget about long phone entries creation or internet searching to find a required contact.
With FlyCard you can easily and quickly make new acquaintances and maintain old connections..

Create new and keep old contacts

Former colleagues, business partners, old friends, new acquaintances are very important connections.
With Fly Card you will never lose them, and a user-friendly search will help you find the right business card in a few clicks.
A convenient interface and set of functions help to organize your contacts nice and easy.

Find the right business card in a few seconds

Search for the desired contact with the help of a convenient search in the business card book by content, commentary, receipt date and place..
Now you don’t need to search for a piece of sheet with a number, flipping a notebook or Google to find the right phone number or mail.

Safe and protected cloud storage of business cards

Never lose your contacts. Your card book synchronizes with a cloud storage.Thanks to this, you will never lose your contacts, and can access them from several devices at once.
Private business cards are stored in an encrypted form, which provides the maximum security level.
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